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Fast food or junk food, more often than not leads to health complications including acidity, constipation and sometimes even weight gain, hence, the best option is to eat healthy and nutritious snacks while in office at your work desk. We bring you these 8 quick-n-easy foods you can munch at your desk, and even binge on it without inhibitions! These foods are powerhouses of good nutrition and give you that instant energy! Here, we take into mind a standard working day and give you a list of foods that do not require exhaustive cooking, or culinary expertise.


Did you know that  sprouts are one of the most concentrated natural sources of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and proteins? What’s more, sprouts make up for a great snack in office as its easiest to prepare, all you have to do is soak the beans overnight and the next day morning you can get it as a snacker to office by sprinkling in some spices and lime. Other than this, no chopping, or peeling is needed. Also, another way of relishing sprouts is by cooking for a few minutes and garnishing it with salt and spices. Sprouts are more nutritious when raw, and contain anti-carcinogenic properties.


You must have hardly ever thought that there was much more to popcorn than a feast in the movie halls! Yes, Pop corn has now entered not only the theatres but our office desks as well. For a start, popcorn is very healthy, as it contains a good amount of fiber, protein and Vitamin B. All the more, it is a complete low calorie snack. As popcorn is a whole grain food, all you have to do is to cut open the Packs available in the market, put it in a can, heat and wait two minutes to binge on it.

Dry fruits and Nuts:

When you want to simply sit at your desk and have something nutritious, without having to get up from your seat, nuts come to the rescue. These include figs, raisins, cashews, dried apricots. Nuts contain fatty acids which are what your body needs. Recent studies show that nuts do not contain high calories; in fact their fat is mainly in the form of the healthier monounsaturates. If you consume small amounts of nuts while you are working on that important project, glued to the desktop, you would be at a lower risk of heart disease and would get much of omega-3 fatty acids, protein, folic acid, B2, B6, and other essential minerals.

Fruits and Juices:

The best thing you can do to your body while working in office is to have fruits in between times. An apple, pear or orange goes a long way in boosting metabolism and increasing productivity. To go a step further, a fruit chaat or mixed fruit salad, in your tiffin will do wonders to your health if you consume it after lunch in between hours when hunger pangs get onto you. However, make sure, you do not add bananas if you making a food salad, as from morning until noon, they would darken in colour. While eating one piece of fruit may be satisfying, eating several different kinds of fruits is more pleasing to the palate.

Health Biscuits:

If you think just having biscuits will last you for the day, think again. As Shweta Iyengar, a well-known nutritionist puts it, “biscuits should be consumed in moderation, as they do contain fats. Also they can be clubbed with nuts, to make them wholesome and filling”. Health biscuits or nutri biscuits, that contain oats, have a high amount of energy. Besides, there are granola bars (low fat variety cookies) as options that can be carried in your bag. But again, moderation is the key here. To read more about 8 nutrition packed foods for your workdesk

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