September 2010
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I’m fortunate that i’m one of those blessed with good skin, i didn’t reach the point point wherein i have to look for acne treatment. Well, that’s because even at  my age i already did everything to prevent having acne.

Acne prevention often becomes essential during our teenage years. It can cause great distress and embarrassment at an age when young people are very concerned about how they look. Increased hormonal activity is the root cause of acne occurrence. This in turn causes excess oil production in the skin’s sebaceous glands. It is a sad fact that the areas most affected by acne are those that are almost constantly visible with today’s youthful fashion trends. Most acne prevention and control compounds contain specific compounds to address the problem.

Avoiding fat-laden junk foods like cheeseburgers is definitely a step in the right direction for other health-related reasons. However, it will do little by ways of acne prevention. Skin hygiene is important, and one can prevent acne to a certain extent by increased and regular cleansing. However, one tends to go overboard and resort to using extreme measures like a face wash of strong toothpaste and other harsh compounds. This will only aggravate the problem by encouraging increased compensatory oil production in the skin.

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  • Having acne is very annoying, but you can cure it. There are so many methods to cure acne you can try. Well, beside to know how to cure acne, you also need to know what factors that can make your acne worse.