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My husband is really determined to build muscles because i can see how disciplined he is in his workout. Since we bought his dumbbell, he religiously use it everyday. And i think all his effort is paying off. When i touch him i can feel the tightness of his muscle, his chest is getting harder as well. Because of that i’m also thinking of getting myself fit and sexy as well. So I think i must find the best fat burners as soon as possible, though i want to do it the natural way but i think it will take some time before i will have success in trimming down. I don’t want to be left behind and feel insecure. lol!

Here in our office our payday is usually advance by one or two days to avoid the long lines in ATM machines. So today we’re already supposed to get our salary but our secretary told us this morning that our accounting manager called yesterday and told her there will be a delay in our salary this payday. They are so busy because of the finance auditors “grilling” them right now. So this time we will receive our pay on the 30th, though we are already short of money there’s nothing we can do about it. So we just have to wait and pray that God will help us to sustain our needs.

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We’re gathering my children’s old textbooks and toys because we’re planning to donate them to street kids this holiday season. I saw Jollibee’s commercial yesterday and they have this promo that for every toy or textbook we donate they will offer something in return. Isn’t it a great offer? You can help other kids with your donation and at the same time you’ll get a token of appreciation from Jollibee. If you’re interested to help as well then gather your old toys and textbooks now and bring them to the nearest Jollibee stores in your place. This a good idea for our children to learn charity works at an early age.