December 2010
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Have you tried cabbage juice? Did you know that it called “drug of the poor” many years ago? Here’s what i learned about the the amazing benefits of cabbage juice.

  1. Prevent cancer. With powerful antioxidants, cabbage gives cancerous growths a beating. It also packs a lot of fiber, keeping you regular and specifically colon cancer at bay.
  2. Look younger. Another benefit of cabbage juice is that it’s a great source of Vitamin C and Vitamin A, which contributes to its powerful ability to prevent aging.
  3. Forget about ulcers. One of the more unique benefits of cabbage juice is its effectiveness at preventing stomach ulcers. Drinking it has been found to work better than eating it.
  4. Fill up on minerals. One of the great benefits of cabbage juice is that it’s high in various nutrients and minerals, including iron and sulfur.
  5. Build muscle. Cabbage has a reputation as being a potent muscle builder. So eat up and work out, you’ll look like Pop-Eye soon enough.
  6. Relieve muscle soreness. Cabbage gives your body some fresh lactic acid which disinfects the colon and fills you with energy.
  7. Lose weight. Like a lot of vegetables, cabbage has very few calories. This means you can drink (or eat!) as much as you want without feeling guilty.
  8. Radiant skin. Cabbage is an awesome skin enhancer due to the high content of Vitamin D.
  9. Energize yourself. Our good friend Mr Vitamin B will create a strong boost of energy in your body. Get ready to go, go go!
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