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“Is it possible for me to lose weight fast”? That’s what I heard from my friend this morning. She’s really hoping to lose weight before her cousin’s wedding day. She wanted to look good and fit on her bride’s made dress, that’s why she has tried several diet pills and weight loss programs in the past but to no avail.

Also this morning, one of our friends told her to try atro phex, another kind of weight loss pill. But I told her to read some atro phex reviews first so she can be sure about this product.

With so many types and brands of weight loss pills in the market today giving the same promises, it is really difficult to choose the right product for you. Product reviews and testimonies from people who have actually tried the product are just some of the good references which can help you in your decision.

These past days my husband is always complaining about muscle pain in the neck and most of the time in the leg area. I told him to drink vitamin b complex which is good for nerves and muscles. Since my husband loves sports it affects him too much, he said the pain is persistent and it really bothers him. So I look for another remedy, today I read about electrical muscle stimulation. According to the article it is one of the safest and most effective therapies in the market today. It used by physical therapists and health care professionals for the relief of minor joint pains, muscle aches and stress. It is also used by athletes to train muscles and increase muscle tone. Others use it daily for relaxation after a stressful day. Under a doctor’s supervision, this device can also be used to treat chronic pain or rebuild damaged muscle tissue in combination with other therapies.

Muscle stimulating products are now made in hand-held forms, such as the one below, the device is connected to electrical nodes that adhere to the skin.

electrical muscle stimulatorelectrical muscle stimulator

According to Peter Lichtenberg, Ph.D., director of the Institute of Gerontology at Wayne State University, people who have a hobby are generally healthier. Because hobbies can engage you physically and mentally, you are at a lower risk for depression and dementia. The importance of hobbies are: it’s a way for people to stay engaged with other people with same interests, provides physical benefit, help by reducing stress and providing a sense of accomplishment.
If you’re just starting a hobby, here are a few suggestions:

• bird watching
• scrapbooking
• coin collecting (ancient and us coins)
• stamp collecting
• genealogy
• photography
• calligraphy
• gardening
• embroidery
• song writing
• sculpting
• ceramics
• writing poetry
• acting
• woodworking

Remember this, your hobby could be your prescription for a healthier, more satisfying life.