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Are there some types of food that can really cause acne? Some people including doctors say that food does not cause acne, while another side says it does. There is no concrete answer whether food directly causes acne, more studies, research and tests need to be done to finally answer this question.

One thing is sure, the lack of nutrients in the food you eat is one factor that affect acne. Foods rich in Vitamin E and B complex as well as minerals such as magnesium, zinc, vitamin A, and essential fatty acids are needed for acne prevention and cure.

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There’s a saying that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. In the case of my husband I find this saying as true. I notice that he’s so nice to me and he’s always in good mood everytime his stomach is full. However, it is the food from the restaurant that makes him happy and not with the food I prepare for Anyway, I admit that I’m not a good cook so it is fine with me, what makes me feel quite upset is that it is draining our budget. You know how expensive it is to dine in restaurant nowadays, and in this time of financial crisis it is not really practical to spend a lot in expensive foods.

But this morning while surfing the net, I saw some Sharis Berries cupcakes for men from Sharis Berries website. Their chocolate cupcakes consist of rich, all natural dark chocolate cake with a creamy bittersweet truffle center topped with deep chocolate frosting. While the red velvet cupcakes consist of an all natural deep red cake filled with a creamy chocolate center and topped with cream cheese-buttermilk fluff frosting. Hmm.. I’m sure my husband and kids will like them. Well, let me forget about the budget for this time..hehe ^_^

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Potassium is important to the human nervous system, fluid balance, muscle function, kidney, heart and adrenal functions. Symptoms of potassium deficiency (hypokalemia) are fatigue, weakness, heart irregularities, confusion, and sometimes problems in muscular coordination.

You’ll get sufficient potassium in a reasonably healthy diet that is one that includes fresh fruits and vegetables and is low in sodium. Mineral imbalances can occur from starvation diets, but more commonly results from excessive fluid loss from sweating, diarrhea, or the use of diuretics and laxatives.

Athletes and people who exercise heavily have higher potassium needs because they sweat heavily. They need to take supplements to balance the electrolyte levels, or a diet with high potassium foods.

Some of the more common foods with HIGH potassium (more than 225 milligrams per 1/2 c. serving) are:

All meats, poultry and fish are high in potassium.
Apricots (fresh more so than canned)
Lima beans
Oranges and orange juice
Potatoes (can be reduced to moderate by soaking peeled, sliced potatoes overnight before cooking)
Vegetable juice
Winter squash


These foods would be beneficial to athletes or to others who incur heavy fluid loss. Patients on potassium-restricted diets should avoid them, or eat them sparingly, as advised by their nutritionist.