June 2011
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Our stomach can be threatened by many factors, such as unhealthy lifestyle and excessive fatigue. You may want to know how to protect stomach effectively and rapidly. Some people like to improve the gastric functions by taking drugs. In fact, six kinds of common vegetables can effectively protect your stomach. They include carrot, spinach, cabbage, potato, yam and pumpkin.

carrotCarrot contains abundant carotene. Carotene can be transformed into vitamin A inside the human body. According to the traditional Chinese medicine, you can eat carrot to improve spleen and liver, strengthen intestinal and gastric functions, protect eyes and enhance immunity to various diseases.

spinachSpinach contains abundant cellulose. The adequate absorption of cellulose can accelerate intestinal peristalsis and improve defecation. If you frequently eat spinach, your liver, intestines and stomach can be well protected. In addition, the intake of spinach can accelerate the secretion of pancreas and improve digestion.

cabbageCabbage contains a lot of vitamin K1 andvitaminU.The absorption of vitamin K1 and vitamin U can resist gastric ulcer, protect the mucous membrane and decrease the risks of getting gastric disease for you. The patients with gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer can alleviate the diseases by drinking cabbage juice. They can also add honey into the juice to enhance the recovery of ulcer.

sweet_potatoSweet potato contains high content of starch. After starch enters your body, it can be transformed into glucose rapidly. You can protect your stomach and accelerate gastric and intestinal peristalsis by eating sweet potatoes in your daily life.

yamYam contains rich protein, sugar, vitamins, fat, calcium, inorganic salt, iron and so on. The adequate intake of yam can help you nourish spleen, stomach, kidney and skin. It is rather beneficial for you to eat yam in autumn. Thus, your stomach can strongly resist coldness in winter.

pampkinPumpkin contains a large amount of pectin. Pectin can effectively absorb bacteria and toxic substances like heavy metals to clean your body. At the same time, pectin can protect your stomach and alleviate gastric ulcer. Many people like to kill the bacteria in their bodies by eating pumpkin. You can cook pumpkin into soup or porridge for dinner.

These six kinds of common vegetables mentioned above can effectively help you protect your stomach. You should frequently eat such foods. If you have already been attacked by gastric disease, you should give up some foods which can worsen the disease, such as chili and pickled vegetables.

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