July 2011
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It’s Monday once again and we’re all back to work. Last week was a very busy week for me because of so many work deadlines and other church activities. I think this week I can relax a little bit because I have no deadlines to beat. My only assignment for today is to look for suppliers of trailer hitches. Our company needs it for our trucking operations.

Anyway, I just want to share this tips that I have read about how to fight job stress.

Get Enough Rest- get a good night sleep. Sleep impacts mental performance, lack of sleep makes you think and move slower than normal.

Exercise. It contribute to decreasing stress because of the exercise releases endorphins in your body which contributes to happiness and a sense of well being. Exercise increases the blood flow to the brain which aid in enhancing your thinking. It also helps release muscle tenseness and helps you sleep better as well.

Diet. Stress affects people’s diet. Some can’t eat when they’re stressed out. While others, overeat for comfort with salty or sugary foods. When under stress, it is important to follow good eating habits . Don’t skip meals and do try to eat at the same time every day.

Environment. If the work environment itself is causing stress try to figure out what is causing distress. Is it noise, seating, smells or some other factor? If you can’t resolve the problem yourself then ask the help of your superior or department in charge.

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