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Topcon Europe Medical and LensAR have announced a joint plan for cooperative strategic marketing and distribution of the LensAR femtosecond cataract laser eye surgery system in Europe. Topcon will handle the marketing and distribution, and LensAR will provide the product.

Topcon markets PASCAL Streamline photocoagulator laser systems, but the company is primarily known for ocular diagnostic equipment. This agreement to market and distribute the LensAR Laser System presents Topcon with an opportunity to broaden its laser eye surgery market share. Topcon has a strong sales presence in Europe. Eric Franken, the Managing Director of Topcon Europe Medical, predicts that the company’s involvement will boost sales of the LensAR System and benefit both patients and customers. European sales of the LensAR Laser System are expected to begin during the first quarter of 2012.

The LensAR Laser System performs automated cataract surgery through the delivery of precision capsulotomies, clear corneal cataract incisions, limbal relaxing incisions, paracenteses and laser fragmentation of the cataract without the use of ultrasound power. It is a 3-dimensional scanning femtosecond laser system with fully integrated proprietary measurement and laser scanning technology. The LensAR Laser System has been used in over 500 procedures outside of the US, and the company has received FDA 510(k) clearance for anterior capsulotomy and laser phacofragmentation procedures.

Topcon Europe Medical markets diagnostic imaging equipment, refractive lens metres and lens analysers, automated subjective refraction systems, operation microscopes, the LENTIS series of intraocular lenses, and the well-known PASCAL Streamline Photocoagulator laser systems.

The PASCAL Streamline 577 recently received FDA 510(k) clearance. It is also an integrated scanning femtosecond laser system, but it is used for vitreo-retinal laser eye surgeries. PASCAL systems are very effective for the treatment of wet AMD and diabetic retinopathy. Both of these conditions involve abnormal neovascularisation of the retina, and PASCAL systems treat neovascularisation with minimal damage to the retina or macular region.

The LensAR Laser Systems are designed for laser cataract surgeries and will significantly broaden the scope of Topcon’s involvement in ocular surgery. Approximately 19 million new cases of cataracts are diagnosed every year. Surgical cataract removal is the only available treatment option, and femtosecond laser technology is poised to be the surgical option of choice. Laser removal of cataracts is far more precise and reliable than even the most skilled manual surgeon, and many systems are being designed with multiple platforms so that one system can perform both cataract removal and standard refractive corrections.

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Herbs have so many nutritional benefits due to their vitamin and mineral content.  They provide the essential elements and dietary minerals to help improve health or heal wounds. The greatest nutritional value of herbs is that they are loaded with antioxidants. So the best way to supply the lack of nutrition in a diet is with natural healing herbs.

Herbs also have medicinal benefits because they contain a broad range of health enhancing properties. Each kind of medicinal plant has its own healing properties that can be used to treat a particular illness.

For me it is best to plant herbs in our garden instead of just buying medicinal herbs or herbal supplements. Herbal gardening is fun and easy since herbs can be grown in different ways. You can simply use a pot or small container to plant seeds or small plants to place in your garden. You can plan for a nice herb garden design, like adding some garden gnome and other garden accents.

You’ll never fail with your health should you eat a well balanced breakfast every day. Breakfast not only jumpstarts your metabolism, it fills you with energy to perform physical activity for the rest of the day. It will also restrict food cravings and prevent you from overeating. There other things you can do throughout the day like half-hour of exercise and adding more fiber to your diet. Listed below are 3 good nutrition tips for women to shed weight and be healthy.

1) A balanced breakfast could be a bowl of whole grain cereal or muesli together with non fat milk. You can use honey instead of sugar to sprinkle on your breakfast cereal. Another great breakfast meal could be a poached or a hard-boiled egg with a glass of fresh juice or water. An omelet made with spring onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, capsicum and shredded cheese and a glass of non fat milk or water. Or one slice of whole grain toast spread with almond/peanut/cashew butter or fresh fruit jam and a glass of milk or water.

2) Women need iron a lot more than men do for our menstrual cycles. Anemia, an iron deficiency, is commonly found in women. To have the iron needed, you can eat shrimp, oysters, mussels, clams, liver, sardines, beef and turkey. These foods are rich in iron and increase hemoglobin to your blood.

3) Similarly, there should be sufficient amount of calcium, not only for strong bones and teeth, but also to regulate your blood pressure and aid relieve premenstrual syndrome. Taking capsules of vitamin D will ensure efficient calcium absorption by your body. Be sure you have your Vitamin D levels checked by a simple blood test offered by your doctor. As we age, we tend to lose bone mass so it’s vital to get enough Calcium and Vitamin D in our foods. If not, there will always be supplements to take. You may have some fiber rich veggies such as, berries and dark greens that are abundant with vitamin C.

It is wise to consume three meals everyday that’s including breakfast. Taking ten minutes in between meals to have a healthy snack like walnuts or almonds may help keep the blood sugar in check. It’s so simple as trying these nutrition tips for ladies to be able to hike up your metabolic rate.