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The Bangko Sentral of the Philippines (BSP) announced the released of the new “Piso” coin for the upcoming celebration of “Rizal Day” on December 30, 2011.

The face of the coin will feature the portrait of Dr. Jose Rizal and the markings, “150 years,” “Republika ng Pilipinas” and “1861-2011.” Etched on the reverse side are the new BSP seal, “1-piso” and “2011.”

Around 10 million pieces of coins will be produced according to BSP. The new Piso Rizal Commemorative Coin is made of nickel plated steel has the same size (24-millimeters in diameter) and weight (5.35 grams) as the one-piso coin currently in circulation.

It is cold and flu season once again! So we should be prepared in fighting cold and flu viruses. Exercise is one preventative measures we can use to defeat these annoying and potentially life-threatening viruses.

It doesn’t take hours of exercise per day to achieve a stronger immune system. A daily 30 minutes workout is already adequate for most people to strengthen their immune system.





There are warnings issued by the Department of Health and Food and Drugs Administration against harmful toys being sold in stores, Christmas bazaars and trade fairs. According to them, they have tested several toys and discovered some to be containing harmful chemicals like lead.

They advised the parents to buy safe toys only from accredited and legal stores. To check the label thoroughly, look for “nontoxic” markings and read the chemical contents to ensure that the toys have no lead and other toxic chemicals. The toys are usually smuggled goods so they did not undergo official process and documentation.

A very shiny toy and with paint that rubs off on hands may have lead according to DOH-FDA head.

It’s really enticing to buy different cheap toys in the market but we should think first the health and safety of our kids. Because if we don’t, we will surely regret it in the end.

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