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I’m thinking of taking up bead jewelry making lesson. I’d like to find ways to destress from the rigours of working life and doing bead crafts i think is a cheaper way. I can’t afford to frequently go on a shopping, watch movies, go to a spa like what others do when they are stressed and burn out.

My friend gave me teardrop beads last Christmas that’s why the thought of taking up jewelry making lesson popped into my mind. I can use her gift and at the same time start a new hobby that promote health and wellness. Yes, many have already testified the therapeutic health benefits of crafting.


I read from a news report that eating cooked white corn grits is one way to avoid the risk of diabetes. That is according to an official from the Department of Agriculture.  He said white corn, when processed into grits, can be a good staple suited for diabetics. White corn has higher amylose content that makes it harder to gelatinize and digest.

White corn is also known to have a low Glycemic Index (GI), which means that carbohydrates breakdown more slowly, thus gradually releasing glucose into the bloodstream.

So if you are positive for diabetes, it is recommended to eat food that is low in GI like white corn.


Whenever i feel stressed i always listen to music specifically gospel songs and instrumental music. Music is really good for the health.  It affects our thoughts, feelings and behaviour. It can relax and energise us. For me music helps me to create the mood for prayer and worship.

Music affect our brain health, it can help make you smarter and keep your brain functioning, thus giving a positive influence on your health.

When i was pregnant, i always listen to classical music because of strong suggestions and recommendations i received from friends and from the articles i have read. According to them, listening to classical music will help in child’s brain development thus he/she will become more intelligent. Well, i think it is true because my daughter does excel in her studies and she’s now inclined to music. IN fact, she’s now playing keyboard in our Church music team. And she wants to learn more instruments. Her friend lend her her squier vintage modified jaguar bass, which she  uses now to practice.

I hope i can also have time to study and play the keyboard. It was my childhood dream to learn to play piano or keyboard. I think, it’s not yet too late for me. ^_^