March 2012
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Have you heard about the good benefits of LED lights in your health? It turns out that LED Lighting is not only easier on your wallet as they are ultra energy efficient, 100% safe and friendly to the environment it’s also healthier. Clinical studies have identified promising health benefits resulting from LED lighting. That the use of LED lighting is effective treatment for Patients suffering from mood disorders such as SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), Depression, Chronic Fatigue and Post Partum Depression. More investigations are being conducted by American Psychiatric Association on LED light effect on Alzheimer’s disease, jet lag, insomnia, eating disorders, sleep pattern disturbances and other behavioral problems.

Research shows that LED lights exhibit characteristics that are better for overall health and safety than those of fluorescent, incandescent and halogen fixtures. Here are the reasons why:

LED Lights create little to no flickering. LED Lights exhibit very little to no flickering because they are typically powered by constant DC voltage. Common ailments associated with exposure to long term flickering lights can include headaches, eye strain and general discomfort.

LED Lights don’t contain any mercury.
LED Lights do not contain mercury or any other hazardous substance so they are safe to operate and safe to dispose. Mercury is an extremely dangerous and toxic substance that exists in most kinds of bulbs—incandescent and fluorescent. As you may well know, mercury is a very dangerous substance and is so toxic that it can cause cancer.

LED Lights don’t give off Ultra Violet (UV) Radiation.
There have been a fair amount of studies that Fluorescent bulbs emit UV radiation, which can cause premature aging and skin cancer, as well as eyestrain and headaches. LED lighting emits zero UV radiation and are therefore safe for both distance and desktop applications.

LED Lights generate no heat.
LED light fixtures stay relatively cool (around room temperature) even when turned on for long periods of time. Fluorescent lamps, halogen and incandescent lights can get extremely hot. Besides safety issues that arise from touching hot bulbs, these temperatures can also heat up a room or become a potential fire hazard.

LED Lights don’t make any noise.
LEDs silently and safely offer full-spectrum light unlike fluorescents that are well known for emitting an annoying and distracting droning sound. Studies have indicated that this kind of noise pollution can foster irritability, fatigue and attention deficits in those exposed to it over time. LEDs produce no such hum and provide their lighting in total silence.

These are the health benefits of using LED lights. If your family, your employees and your very own health is your top priority, then choose LED lights for your lighting needs.

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