October 2012
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Incontinence supplies are very important for people who have problems with controlling bladder and bowel movements. It doesn’t matter whether we’re old or young- bed wetting is really embarrassing and inconvenient. Incontinence supplies help our seniors regain their dignity and freedom without worrying about excretion problems.

There are different types of incontinence supplies. There are adult diapers, incontinence pads, bariatric briefs, adult wipes, etc. There are several factors to consider when choosing incontinence supplies for your loved ones.

1. Lifestyle- Choosing what product suits your loved ones best depends on what they do and the things they require. There are incontinence pads that are particularly made for men and for women. There are belted underwear for extra protection and light pads for subtle support.

2. Absorbency – Incontinence products have different levels of absorbency. Your pad or diaper must be chosen according to the level of the wearer’s control loss- the most absorbent ones for the severest of conditions. There are different supplies suitable for mild, moderate, and severe incontinence.

3. Size- Incontinence products come in different sizes. The right size must be considered to ensure total coverage and comfort. Adult diapers are usually classified according to waist size measurements.

They say that some good things come with age. However, there are also inconvenient facts that appear as people grow older. Along with bad eyesight, hearing difficulties, and health deterioration, bladder and bowel problems are the main reasons why older people cannot function and enjoy life like they used to. Our aging parents need professional and reliable care. Check out quality medical and caregiving products and services here.

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