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I have mentioned in my previous post about our annual Church prayer and fasting. Well, I was able to survive up to the 5th day. I know I’ve made it because of the supernatural strength that God gave me all throughout those five days. However I wasn’t able to accomplish my goal to continue with dieting, right after our fasting was over I went back to my old eating habits. hahaha. Anyway, what matters most to me is to get my prayers answered. Some of my friends already testified about their prayers being answered. Some received great blessings they do not expect. Well, that’s how wonderful our God is, He provides great things even if we didn’t ask for it. Everyone is very happy every time we hear lots of testimonies of God’s goodness and faithfulness.

We are also glad because our church attendance is growing. In fact we are already lacking in chairs during our Sunday worship service. Our admin are now considering to buy chairs4worship church chairs, they are known for its quality and affordable prices. They can also be used for seminars or events,  so if you also need them why not check out their website.

Next week we’re going to have our Annual Church Prayer and Fasting. We’re gonna do this for five days. We have the freedom to choose what type of fasting we’re going to do whether light, liquid fast or absolute fast. I have tried liquid fast in the past for two days, I’m wondering if i can also do absolute fasting for two days. Maybe I can if I’m not working and I won’t do anything but pray.

Anyway, i’m making a list of what fasting foods to prepare. For the first day I will start gradually by removing rice and meat from my meal. I will take crackers or fruits and veggies. Then for my liquid fast, I will take herbal tea and vegetable soups.

I always look forward to our annual Prayer and Fasting, it’s not just a time for me to seek God sincerely for our prayers to be heard and answered. I also  look forward to the health benefits I will gain after.