April 2013
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When children are picky eaters, it’s important that they have a vitamin supplement to make sure they’re getting the nutrition their growing bodies need. Nature’s Plus have a variety of children’s vitamins in their Animal Parade line. The fun animal shaped vitamins are full of whole-food fruits, vegetables and essential minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. With an array of flavors in different colors, kids are sure to be eager to take their daily vitamin. Knowing they provide children with the highest level of nutritional support, parents love Animal Parade as much as their children do.

If your children are leery about the animal shaped vitamins, Nature’s Plus has a nutritional shake that will have them getting their 5 servings of fruits and vegetables in one mixed-fruit flavored beverage. It makes for a great breakfast or afternoon snack. The Animal Parade Gold Liquid series in regular and multi-vitamin are bursting with a tropical berry flavor your kids will love. In addition to the vitamins, this series has prebiotics for healthy digestion, lutein for skin and eye protection, and bioflavonoids for absorption.

Nature’s Plus even has a vitamin safe for baby in their Baby Plex Sugar-Free Liquid Drops. They are specially formulated for babies and toddlers. Deliver gentle nutritional support during the essential growth stages with this tasty orange flavored vitamin in a convenient dropper. There are also immune boosting, green nutrition and special needs vitamins. Nature’s Plus knows how important it is for your children to get the proper vitamins and nutrition in their diet.

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