May 2013
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As people are becoming more health conscious and wanting to take better care of their bodies, they are looking towards all-natural supplements that will allow them to get the vitamins and nutrients that are missing in their regular diet. understands how hard it is in today’s environments to get everything our bodies need and provides supplements that can’t be found in the corner drug store.

In business since 1996, My Diet Shopz provides nutritional information and help to all different types of people in different stages of their health journey. They have assisted people from all walks of life from politicians to military to others in the health field. One of the supplements sells is Calcium Pyruvate.


Calcium Pyruvate is a Thermogenic fat burner that combines pyruvic acid and calcium. The body already creates pyruvate but by adding the two components together it helps speed up the body’s creation of energy and enhances metabolism without that jittery feeling. It burns fat to create fuel for the body and that reduces the fat that is stored in the trouble areas such as the stomach, hips and thighs. It also allows the body to function better with the added energy, which can aid in daily exercise. Improving the physical condition can also improve mental conditions.

My Diet Shopz sells Calcium Pyruvate in bottles of 120 capsules. Each capsule is 750mg and two should be taken twice a day. Calcium Pyruvate is to be used in conjuncture with a sensible diet and exercise.

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