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Music makes me feel good, whenever i feel anxious, depressed and lonely i always listen to soft music either gospel or instrumental. When it comes to music instrument, i like listening to piano but lately my interest is shifting to violin. I even like to learn to play violin, especially when i stumble the exciting Violins at WWBW. I really hope i can have time to do it in the future.

Farro is a specific wheat species, consumed in its whole-grain form. Farro is a great source of Vitamin B3, a superb source of magnesium, rich with iron and antioxidants owing to the presence of lignans. It helps in improving digestion and keeps diabetes, helps you reduce your existing cholesterol levels, and helps relieve menstrual cramps.

Nutritional Value of Farro*

Calories=   170
Calories from Fat=   10
Fat=   1 gm
Saturated Fat= 0
Trans Fat= 0
Total Carbohydrate= 35 gm
Dietary Fiber= 5 gm
Sugar= 0
Protein= 7 gm
Cholesterol= 0
Magnesium= 60 mg
Iron= 2 mg
Zinc= 2 mg

*Per 50 grams of Semi-pearled Farro

Disposable medical products are increasingly used to replace manual processes such as sterilization to eliminate the need for specialized personnel, equipment, and procedures. The challenge that has been introduced by this change is the need to ensure sterility and patient safety through management of the disposable products from point of manufacture to point of use. Transport, handling, and storage are among the factors to be considered, and the key consideration is the packaging. Ensuring that products placed in medical professionals hands are up to the task requires rigorous medical products packaging testing.

In 2013, as global enterprises step up to supply the needs of hospitals, clinics, and medical professionals around the world, several conferences are addressing this critical issue. Where damaged products can compromise patient safety and even place lives at risk, the standards for protection are understandably high. Professionals are working to create the materials, sterilization techniques, and testing standards for items that can ensure that no level of risk is considered “acceptable.” Global and national organizations and regulatory agencies are watching carefully and sharing vital information on lessons learned and techniques which can be effective from major urban hospital environments to rural clinic locations and in a wide variety of environmental and physical conditions. Disposable medical products packaging must withstand whatever mistreatment the global production and distribution systems might deliver.