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I dream of having a beautiful bathroom someday because it is a place where I can pamper myself and relax. Two years ago we had our bathroom renovated, we made it bigger and allotted some space for the bath tub and powder room vanities to be placed in the future.

I’d like to create an elegant bathroom that is totally refreshing and relaxing. I have already collected photos of lovely bathrooms for some inspiration. Here are some of them:


Above are just some of the elegant and modern bathrooms that i wish to have someday. If ever i will have any of those bathrooms i think i will stay there more

My son has a project in school so to help him i do my own research about acids and bases found at home. I thought at first it was only about foods so i searched for acidic foods and alkali foods. Having done this i get to learn a lot of vital information. That to maintain good health we should avoid acidic foods and take more alkaline foods.

When my son told me that he likes to learn to play the guitar i didn’t have a second thought on enrolling him in a music school. I immediately bought him his own guitar as well. Three months after, now he can already play different guitar tunes. I’m so happy because both of my kids are musically inclined. My daughter also plays the keyboard and is now one of the keyboardist in our Church.

I’m currently looking for affordable pog2 at guitar center, it’s an instrument used to enhance the sound of a guitar. I’d like to hear my son playing the guitar like a pro.