October 2013
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I’m not feeling well these past days. I think i should schedule a medical check up already. My sister has been telling me to undergo blood chemistry tests to check my triglyceride and cholesterol level. Since my parents and two siblings have been diagnosed having high levels of triglyceride and cholesterol i’m prone to it as well. I need to go on a diet and to try safe rapid detox for body cleansing. I can feel i have lots of toxins already. I know i’m not getting any younger so i should be more careful now.

I’m currently looking for a cheap but heavy duty food processor, I will use it for grinding peanuts and chopping chocolate bars. We are already working on the new flavors of our peanut butter products. A lot of our customers are already excited to try our new flavors. We too are excited with all that is going on with our business. We are so grateful to God for all the blessings. To Him all the glory!

I’m quite busy these past months because we’ve already started with our new business. Most of the time we are in the kitchen and dining area preparing the homemade peanut butter we are selling online. We’re so grateful to God because of how the business turned out.

Because our place is small i’m thinking of having our kitchen renovated so we could have enough room to work and store our products. We need more working table  and we also need to have that pull out cabinet and trash cans so we can keep our materials and clutters without consuming too much space.

I have so many plans to promote our business but my time is very limited at this time. I really hope that i can do all those plans at the soonest possibles time.