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I’m watching a noontime show a while ago and there was a portion in their program where the contestants have to show their talents. One of them played the guitar and sing acoustic song. I admire him because he played the guitar very well. During the interview portion he mentioned that he was able to develop his skills more when he volunteered as a musician. From the basic knowledge that he learned from self study he gained more through the help of professional mentors. Sometimes you’ll get big return from the little things or sacrificed you did for others. Same thing with my daughter she’s also developing her music skill as a volunteer in our church. She plays the keyboard as part part of our Church Music Team.

Anyway speaking of guitar i’m glad i’ve found the store where we could buy Mighty Mite Necks. My father’s wish is to replace the worn out neck of his Mighty Mite guitar. It’s Black Friday sale today, i hope we could avail of big discounts! ūüôā

I’ve been suffering from skin allergy for almost a week now. It happened to me before when i was pregnant to my eldest child and it’s the only time that i’ve experienced it again. I don’t know what’s this condition is so i did some research over the internet. The closest skin allergy with symptoms that i have is hives or urticaria. The cause is either due to extreme hot or cold weather which i’m exposed to right now. I’m inside an air-conditioned room most of the time so i think that where i got this skin itchiness.

My sister bought her daughter her own keyboard and his son a new set of drums. My brother on the other hand gave her daughter her own guitar. Together they can already form a music group. Since everyone in their house hold plays instruments, they need a¬†metronome. I told them to choose¬† wittmer mt-50 metronome ¬†if they want to consider getting one. ¬†This metronome is ¬†durable and compact, the battery lasts for a long time and it is reasonably priced, and last but not least, it is good and loud but not with an annoying sound. They will surely get their money’s worth.

Wittner MT50 Metronome