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Stress is one of the causes of hypertension and since i’m always stressed recently my blood pressure is increasing as well. I can’t control the people that’s causing my stress so what I just do is to listen to soft/mellow music and instrumental music. I even bought the best mixer for my sound system so I could listen to beautiful relaxing music. Somehow it relaxes me and helps me forget a little bit my worries and the annoying people around me.

My blood pressure is fluctuating, sometimes it is above the normal, sometimes it’s below. When it is high above normal I’m getting nervous cause I know I shouldn’t take it for granted. My parents already warned me that hypertension and diabetes runs in our family and the chance of acquiring it is really big. Now that I’m getting older and my weight is also increasing, I’m quite worried. I know it’s time for me to exercise even a few minutes at home and control my diet as well before it’s too late!

 If you feel you have hypertension here are the plant-based foods that can help you fight hypertension.

1. Berries
2. Whole Grain Cereal
3. Potatoes
4. Beets
5. Cacao
6. Celery
7. Broccoli
8. Dandelion
9. Black Beans
10. Garlic
11. Ground Flax Seeds
12. Bananas
13. Apricots
14. Pumpkin Seeds
15. Cashew Nuts

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