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We’re planning to buy a new electric guitar for our son. He got high grades in school so as a reward we’re fulfilling his dream to have his own electric guitar. I remember we put him to test by asking him to recite the parts of an electric guitar so he could get his wish. Well, he really studied his lesson well because he answered the question in full detail. Now, our assignment is to look for a cheap but good quality electric guitar.

If you have ever had an MRI done so that a doctor can determine if there are any conditions wrong with the body, then you know that the tube you are inside can be small and frightening at times. There is no room to move the arms or legs in most situations, and there are loud noises while the machine turns to capture the images of the body. An open MRI in Jersey hospitals is an option.

Open MRIFor children, being in an MRI machine can be scary. They might not understand why the test is being done or what the machine is doing while they are inside. Another aspect is that with the traditional MRI, parents usually can’t be in the room. Children can be sedated if they are afraid, but this is unnecessary if an open MRI is an option. There is enough room for one parent or a nurse to be with the child, offering comfort while the machine circles around to capture the images. The child can also hold a small animal, which can make the experience a little more comforting.

People who are claustrophobic will also find that the open design is a better option. They don’t have to remain in an enclosed area as they will lay on a table like they would while in a doctor’s office. This can give more of a relaxing feeling, making it easier to quickly get the images that are needed to diagnose a medical condition. The open design is also ideal for elderly individuals who might not like being in a darker space or who might not be able to move in a manner that is conducive for being in a small tube.

The open table of the MRI allows for IV poles to be kept beside the patient. This is important for those who receive medications in this manner or for those who need to have any kind of contrast in order to have the MRI completed so that blockages can show up on the image results. Larger patients will also benefit from the open design as sometimes, they might be too large to comfortably be inside the tube.