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When I’m down and troubled with no one to talk to, one thing I do to get comfort is to listen to gospel songs and christian instrumental music. Music really has the power to change my mood. It relaxes me and uplifts my soul and spirit.

That’s why i would like to learn to play music instruments also, so that when i’m feeling low i will just play the piano or keyboards. I will not just to listen to a recorded music, but this time i will be a part of playing the music which is more rewarding.

By the way speaking of musical instruments, you’ll surely find quality instruments at guitar center platinum, so better check their website. Don’t just settle for less if you’re planning to buy one.

Dark eye circles are a beauty nightmare. But more than that, do you know that these unsightly discolorations beneath your eyes can also represent some serious health problems? Many people are not aware of this, but dark circles under the eyes can serve as a good indicator of one’s health condition and weakness.

Dark eye circles can imply deficiencies in your kidneys or they can also mean unhealthful sugar levels in your bloodstream. It could also be due to iron deficiency or because of the medicine that you are taking. There are certain drugs that can make the blood vessels under your eyes dilated. When this happens, blood flow will increase and become visible on your skin. Knowing the causes of your problems should prompt you to deal with them immediately. In the end, eliminating the dark circles under your eyes will help you avoid health complications and, of course, allow you to look more attractive.

My head is aching probably due to too much stress. My patience has been tested these past days and this made me feel so down and weak. Good thing, i have an outlet to lessen my stress and that is to sing karaoke songs.  Thanks to my friend she gave me a new akg 451 microphone. My neighbors won’t get stress upon hearing my voice because this microphone produces good sound. And with singing i can forget my problems and heartaches even for just a while. It’s how i can get a temporary stress relief.