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All about vapes and vape pods

As we humans are becoming smarter, we have made things for our pleasure more and more advanced. Another significant step in this direction has been the introduction of vapes. They are the better way of smoking. The use of nicotine is much smoother and faster. Those trying to quit smoking have also found it helpful to some extent. There are various designs and models that have more battery life and hold more juice. It all depends on the liking of the user. You can try out a few models at the vape shop UK. There are disposable ones also that you can try if you are a beginner.

The different models:

The initial idea of the vapes was the resemblance of a traditional cigarette. But now it has modified into beautiful and artistic pieces that come in cool colours and designs. The disposable ones look like a highlighter pen only. They have around 1- 1.5 ml of e-liquid. While the rechargeable and refillable ones have a much more capacity range. It can be from 3 to 9 ml. Alsothe batteries last longer. They can easily be charged using a laptop also. So, the new devices are easy to carry and store. You can surf vape shop online for various models. They will also offer different flavours. Yes, you got it right! There are many interesting flavours like fruity, minty, chocolate and even vanilla along with others. Grab one from a vape shop UK to know the feeling.

Why people like it:

The different flavours are the main attraction. While you get the satisfaction of using nicotine and the craving is at bay for long, there is no bad smell. The smell of tobacco is over-ridden by the flavour like vanilla and so on. There is no bad breath too. Also, since there is no smoke you can use it with your loved ones around. It is safe around kids too, with no fire involved. Once you have bought the device you have to buy new pods and enjoy the different flavours. Else you can get it refilled also. So, it is easy in the pocket also. The batteries are rechargeable and the device is reusable so it is a great investment. The nicotine satisfaction by the means of vaping is much more than the traditional cigarette, as there is no wastage in the form of smoke. Also, the vapours go direct to the throat and do not hit the user hard. It has a compact size that you can carry around in your pocket. Look for different options available on the vape shop online. You may be interested in the multiple flavours offers that are available when you buy a box and not individual ones. They look cool as well so people are using them to enhance their social presence. Uploading a pic with a vape in hand has become the new craze of the town. You too may want to try it out.