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Becoming a Medical Tattooing Artist 

Becoming a medical tattoo artist requires obtaining a tattoo apprenticeship or working with a state-licensed tattoo academy. After you have received your license, you can work directly with a cosmetic doctor or establish your private business to promote the idea of medical tattooing for stretch marks and other purposes.

It is a unique business niche that can provide the community with a service. Many medical tattoo artists also offer other types of tattooing services, expanding their areas of expertise.

Paramedical Tattoo Artists 

As mentioned earlier, medical tattooing has no limitations. You can also think of working as a paramedical tattoo artist. It comprises highly specialized practices, such as areola restoration, which aims to restore the areola’s size, shape, and color.

The paramedical tattooing practice is an area of permanent cosmetic or restorative cosmetics. According to some tattoo experts, areola restoration can also come under the category of medical tattoo.

Difference Between & Tattooing 

Micro-pigmentation is different from tattooing. Its results are different, and most importantly, the pigment does not spread. Professional tattooists use needles to make a tattoo, while the pigmentation can blend in better and look natural.

Tattoo Artist & Permanent Make-Up

Permanent makeup comprises the same technique of tattooing. It requires the tattoo artists to make a permanent design or mark under the skin surface. The field works with certifications and regulations, allowing the tattoo artists to practice permanent makeup.

Medical tattooing, also known as micro-pigmentation, is a non-surgical solution that can make trauma survivors and post-surgery patients feel better again. Besides breast cancer survivors, medical tattooing can also help burn victims, facelift, or scar camouflage.

The skin micro-pigments fade over many years and need a touch-up to maintain their appearance. Medical tattooing can help improve the ugly appearance of modest-sized scars that cut through the hair on your scalp or even your eyebrows. Eyebrow tattoo usually lasts forever, whereas micro-balding eyebrows may last up to two years.


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