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Causes And Symptoms Of De Quervain’s Disease

Are you suffering from inflammation and swelling of the near the thumb or finding it difficult to move the wrist near the thumb? It could be due to De Quervain’s tensynovitis, a condition that may result in painful conditions when you turn the wrist.  The symptoms of this disease are pain and tenderness on the sides of the wrist and on the sides of the thumb. Moreover, the painful conditions aggravate due to pressure on the hands and thumb. The pain often moves from the thumb region to the forearm. The sufferers may also face difficulties when moving the thumb to grasp an object.

Understanding the causes

One of the biggest causes of De Quervain’s Disease [เอ็น ข้อ มือ อักเสบ, which is the term in Thai] is overuse is overuse of muscles. The commonest activities that may result in painful conditions in the thumb region and in the sides of the wrist are activities, such as fly fishing, golfing, playing the piano, carpentry and various activities of the office workers. Often, the mothers of newborns suffer from De Quervain’s tensonyvitis due to lifting the child in which the position of the thumb and the wrist is severely affected. Apart from this, continuous gripping, grasping, and wringing of the objects may cause the tendons to become inflamed and causing pain.

Know the risk factors

You might wonder of risk factors may contribute to De Quervain’s tensonyvitis and one of the prominent is age. If you are between thirty and fifty years of age, the risk of developing the condition is higher. Besides, the condition is more common in women than in men and is often associated with pregnancy. Women lifting their babies after childbirth and other jobs that require repetitive and wrist motions may cause De Quervain’s tensonyvitis. If you are already diagnosed with this condition, try to get proper treatment for relief from painful conditions.