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Derrick May Discusses How to Get Motivated to Work Out Again

Fitness enthusiast Derrick May recently discussed how to get motivated to start working out again.

Exercise is beneficial for physical and mental health. However, not everyone wakes up motivated to hit the gym or lace up their running shoes. Fitness enthusiast Derrick May recently explained that it’s common for someone to begin working out with a goal in mind, then lose the desire as the days and weeks continue. He offered his best tips for getting and staying motivated to perform regular exercise.

“The Department of Health and Human Services suggests healthy adults get 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week,” May said. “My tips help individuals reach and surpass this goal while enjoying the process.”

Make It Fun

The No. 1 way to stay motivated to exercise is to ensure your exercise routine is enjoyable. One way to make exercise routines more enjoyable is to make them social events. Run clubs, CrossFit classes, and team sports offer camaraderie that makes performing a workout a group effort. The encouragement of others can push you through an especially difficult workout.

“Working out with others is an ideal way to get and stay motivated. They’ll inspire you to attend class when you’d rather take a day off, and you will do the same for them,” Derrick May said.

May suggested reaching out to local gyms and fitness professionals in the community to learn about group workout classes, team sports, and more.

Create Obtainable Goals

Many people want to start a workout routine to lose weight, gain strength, or simply live a healthier lifestyle. However, these are lofty and vague goals.

May suggests individuals create small, obtainable goals and reward themselves when they achieve each one. He added that many people who create lofty goals, such as losing 50 pounds or running a marathon, tend to lose motivation due to becoming overwhelmed.

Examples of more achievable goals include exercising for 30 minutes three times per week, attending a workout class twice a week, or taking nightly walks around the neighborhood.

“Everybody’s fitness goals will be different,” May said. “It’s important to create goals that can be achieved and acknowledge even small successes. Treat yourself to a reward, large or small, when you accomplish a goal.”

Don’t Compare

The exercise industry wants people to compare themselves to others, so they’ll continue buying gym memberships and purchasing workout clothing. However, May said making comparisons is a surefire way to lose motivation.

Derrick May believes that comparing oneself to others causes the individual to focus on the achievements of others. The goal is to concentrate on oneself. He expressed the importance of staying focused on one’s goals and not letting anyone discourage or distract from them.

Fitness Enthusiast Derrick May

May is a fitness enthusiast with a passion for helping others achieve their fitness goals. He encourages others to get motivated and stay motivated by setting goals, focusing on oneself, and most importantly, making exercise fun.