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Diet Fads – Some Smart, Some Frightening

Dieting. Very few people enjoy it, but many individuals have attempted it. What many people don’t understand is the fact that diets, some silly and a few frightening, have existed lengthy before atkins grew to become popular.


Vinegar Diet – British poet Lord Byron claimed to possess lost 60 pounds by soaking his food in vinegar before eating it, even though some historians believe he’d an eating disorders.

Graham’s Diet – Sylvester Graham, father from the ever-popular Graham Cracker would be a Presbyterian minister who believed people should avoid coffee, alcohol, tea, spices, and meat. His supporters, “Grahamites”, ate pure water, fresh fruits and vegetables, foods high in fiber, and wheat grains.

Zander Rooms – Have you ever viewed a classic movie, odds are you have often seen people dieting by wrapping a vibrating strap around themselves. Surprisingly, this was a actual fad began by Dr. Gustav Zander from Norway.

Banting Diet – William Banting, an British casket maker who battled together with his weight, authored “Letter on Corpulence,” that was the very first the very first popular diet book. Banting stated he lost 50 pounds when you eat an eating plan comprised of dry toast, liver organ, unsweetened fruit, and eco-friendly vegetables.


Fletcherizing – Horace Fletcher of Bay Area grew to become referred to as “The Truly Amazing Masticator” as he shared his unusual diet that encouraged individuals to chew their bites 32 occasions after which spit them out. Fletcher claimed he lost greater than 40 pounds about this plan, devised after he was denied medical health insurance due to his weight. Fletcher stated the dietary plan permitted individuals to absorb nutrients, benefit from the taste from the food, and never put on weight. Famous supporters include Henry James, John D. Rockefeller, and John Harvey Kellogg.

Counting Calories – “Diet and Health, WIth Answer to The Calories,” by Lulu Search Peters, offered greater than two million copies. It recommended the intake of only one,200 calories each day. Counting calories continues to be a well known dieting technique, however the figures and approaches have altered with time.

Cigarette Diet – It appears shocking today, however when the perils of cigarettes were just starting to be found, cigarette companies attempted to market their brand having a healthy spin. Prime example: Lucky Strikes’ tagline was “Achieve for any Lucky rather of the sweet.”

The Inuit Meat-and-Fat Diet – Arctic explorer Vilhjalmur Stefansson stayed coping with the Inuit people after which authored a magazine, “Body Fat from the Land,” promoting their meat-and-blubber wealthy diet. Cardiologist Blake Donaldson ongoing to advertise the dietary plan, that they known as “Strong Medicine” in to the 1960s.