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Different Types of Causes and Effects of Back Pain

If you are feeling uncomfortable the whole day but cannot understand why it is happening. It is happening because of back pain. This pain arises due to a previous injury or some activity that you were previously involved in. Back Pain can be very uncomfortable pain because with it your whole body pains. This primarily occurs in adults, who are sitting and working giving strains to the muscle.  Poor sitting posture is one of the main reasons for the back pain of adults. However, doctors are not exactly sure about the actual reason behind back pain. 

Problems related to Structural Pain

Structural conditions are those problems in which the spinal column is too thin for the spinal cord. This results in lower back pain and causes a lot of pain. It causes a person to become stiff and ultimately makes the person unable to move.

  • Pain that comes with Arthritis causes the joints, hips, and lower back to pain a lot. If not treated then makes it difficult for the person to move.
  • Another issue that helps to form back pain is kidney problems. Infection in the kidney or stones in the kidney also causes back pain.

Understanding the Risk Factors 

There are many factors that can actually increase back pain. So if you facing any kind of back pain you should always See More [ดูเพิ่ม which is the term in Thai ] of the factors that trigger pain. Smoking is one of the crucial risk factors that can increase back pain. So it is necessary for you to stop smoking if you have any earlier signs of backache. Stress and anxiety are other factors that trigger the lower back, especially for women. They tend to face more pain in the back. Mood swings of women are very common which creates an uneasiness in the back resulting in severe problems in the future. 


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