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We know that our bodies are naturally designed to perform various activities during 24 hours, such as eating and sleeping, and that our circadian rhythms, as they are called, are thrown out of sync when we travel long distances at fast speeds.

A significant shift in time zones may cause your body to become very disoriented and disoriented. Extreme tiredness, stomach and bowel issues, lack of appetite, memory and concentration problems, and an overall sense of discomfort may result as a result of this condition. With the best  UK Meds reviews  now, you can get the best choices.

What is the duration of jet lag?

Its duration may range from a few hours to three days. It is dependent on your sleeping and eating patterns.

Be adaptable in terms of your food and sleeping schedules

Prior to going, make every effort to be flexible with your food and sleep schedules. If you follow a rigorous schedule, it will be more difficult to overcome jet lag after you arrive. If you’re traveling to Paris from Mexico, attempt to eat many meals so that your stomach doesn’t have the impression that you’re going to be eating three meals a day. Try to sleep at various times of the day so that your body does not become stuck in a rut. He goes to sleep at ten, eleven, twelve, or one o’clock in the morning.

Avoid taking naps

Napping causes your sleep cycle to be disrupted as soon as you get up, making it more challenging to adjust to your new time zone. It’s best not to fall asleep if you arrive in Mexico at the crack of dawn; if you can’t sleep, try sleeping at 9 pm.

Get up early in the morning

If you have already arrived at your destination following a night trip, resist the temptation to fall asleep since you will be woken up at noon the next day. This will make avoiding jet lag more complex, and you will feel exhausted after just a few hours of travel.

Limit your intake of alcoholic drinks and caffeinated beverages

It may be extremely tempting to have a glass of wine or a shot of tequila before bed to help you sleep better. Still, the altitude can increase tiredness and dehydration, which will compound the various difficulties you will face upon arrival. Caffeine has been shown to interfere with sleep cycles. Even if you don’t believe it, staying hydrated during the trip and upon landing may assist in alleviating jet lag.

Stay away from sleeping medications

Suppose you use sleeping pills while on the trip, they will not assist you with jet lag at all. Instead, they will leave you with a foggy feeling when you arrive and make you feel even more fatigued. If you decide to do it after you have arrived at your ultimate location, choose a natural tea such as chamomile, lavender, or passionflower to drink.


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