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Facial Botox: Where Can It Be Applied?

Botox can be applied in several places on the face: around the eyes, near the eyebrows, on the neck and cleavage, around the mouth, on the lips, Undereyes Botox (โบ ท็ อก ใต้ ตา which is the term in thai0and the nose. The choice of the region where the toxin will be applied depends on the patient’s complaint and final objective.

Does It Paralyze The Face?

This technique has always been related to paralyzed and expressionless faces, usually found in older people who used the toxin, but this is not a rule. Understand: the technique has advanced a lot in recent years. Doctors are cautious with the amount of toxin injected — the lack of expression is associated with the over-application of the medication.

Does The Application Hurt?

The sensation of pain is relative and varies with each patient’s tolerance. You will feel small needle pricks from the toxin injection, but there are no symptoms beyond that. Some people choose to use an anesthetic, in capsule or cream, to lessen the discomfort.

What Is The Duration Of The Effect?

The final result can be seen in approximately two or three days, and it usually lasts for six to eight months and can be applied again after this period. Some professionals recommend that you should not go beyond two applications of Botox per year.

Is There A Risk Of Complications?

Any medical procedure, whether aesthetic or not, is prone to some risk. In the case of Botox, side effects of the application are rare, but it is possible to observe headaches and bruises in the region right after using the technique. Some individuals may experience eyelid ptosis in some more severe cases, which is a drooping of the upper eyelid over the eye but manageable after a few weeks.

Botox is an aesthetic procedure that involves, in addition to prior knowledge of the techniques and side effects after use, a lot of thought about whether to apply it or not. Be sure to ask your doctor for a peaceful and completely satisfying experience!