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Gelatin manufacturer

The production of Gelatin results from the boiling of a protein found abundantly in human and animal bodies known as collagen. You can find manufacturers producing gelatin in the form of sheets or powder. You can obtain the gel form by mixing solid gelatin in hot water or liquid mixture and then by allowing it to cool down. The production team has to follow a very complex multi-stage process to obtain the finished product. Due to the versatile applications of gelatin in food, pharmacy, cosmetics, and, photography gelatin has great demand worldwide. The manufacturers are responsible for meeting the demand by maintaining a steady flow of supply in the market. 

Manufacturing process and steps

Obtaining gelatin from any animal begins with cleaning their skin and bone in cold water and cutting them into small sizes. Then the skin goes through treatment of dilute alkali solution till it reaches a neutralized stage after washing all the excess acid with plenty of water. This same process follows after the application of citric acid. The next step involves extracting neutralized citric acid materials with hot water to enable the partially degraded collagen materials to solubilize. With the help of a cellulose frame filter, the filtration process takes place to remove the impurities. Finally, to obtain the gelatin powder, the neutralized solution goes through a sequential process of evaporation, filtration, sterilization, and chilling.

Assessment of raw materials

The quality of raw materials involving the production process of gelatin determines the grade of the finished product. So, a gelatin manufacturer takes special care in the selection process of the bones and skins of the animals involved. They have to emphasize the authenticity of suppliers and ensure smooth transport and collection of the raw materials. A dedicated team of experienced supervisors certify the maximum safety, quality and traceability by undergoing a strict testing process. A reputable manufacturer of gelatin products always adheres to all the compliances of the highest standard by maintaining detailed documentation of the whole manufacturing process. An acute examination of the finished product before shipping is also a part of compliance.