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Heated Tobacco Products – An Alternative To Conventional Tobacco Products

Heated Tobacco Products – An Alternative To Conventional Tobacco Products

Heated tobacco products (HTP) or heat-not-burn are products that heat the tobacco enough to release aerosol containing nicotine, but without the need of burning the tobacco. These are designed for adults and are marketed as an alternative to conventional tobacco products. 

How are heated tobacco products safer than conventional cigarettes?

Manufacturers claim that the toxicant levels and the chemical compounds are significantly reduced. This implies that modified aerosol inhalation is less harmful than inhaling conventional cigarettes. Although individuals should quit both nicotine and tobacco. However, for those who are unable to give up, heated tobacco products are a smoke-free alternative which is a better choice for those who would continue to smoke.

Types of heated tobacco products available

There are two types of heated tobacco products that use different techniques for heating tobacco:

  • Early HTP series: They use the blade heating technique and are designed to be used with special heated tobacco units known as Heets or heat sticks.
  • IQOS Iluma: This HTP device was introduced in 2021 and uses an induction technique for heating tobacco. They use special heated tobacco units known as Terea Smartcore sticks.

Where to buy Terea stick flavours for IQOS Iluma?

At Stick Sales, various models of IQOS heated tobacco products are available. The IQOS ILUMA represents a revolutionary product that changes the way people smoke. The Smartcore Induction formula heats the tobacco within the new Terea IQOS stick. 

Sticks Sale offers 1 Pack with 20 Terea sticks. The orders are shipped to different countries depending on the selected products and their availability.

It is the perfect solution for those who have been struggling to quit smoking and are looking for a new approach. IQOS sticks offer a similar experience to smoking with a flavour that gives the aroma of smoking tobacco. There are around 21 different flavours of Terea heatsticks available with Stick Sales and some of them are:

  • Mauve Mauve: This stick offers a blend of tobacco with refreshing menthol and mild fruity flavour.
  • Sienna: Try this stick that offers roasted woody flavour with an aroma of tea.
  • Yellow: This stick gives a mild spicy taste with a tobacco blend.
  • Blue: This offers a menthol flavour with peppermint and creamy aroma.
  • Russet: This stick offers a rich taste of tobacco with malty aroma.
  • Amber: You will get a perfect tobacco blend with nicely scented wood and nut aromas.
  • Turquoise: Try this stick for a refreshing cooling taste with menthol and a spicy aroma.
  • Teak: Go for this stick if you need a subtle but rich creamy flavour balanced with a blend of tobacco.

How are heating tobacco products different from products with burning tobacco?

Cigarettes burn tobacco at high temperatures while producing ash, smoke, and tar. These contain huge levels of harmful chemicals. However, heated tobacco products are designed to heat tobacco at a lower temperature. It does not burn tobacco and hence, produces no ash, fire, or smoke.

Since the tobacco is not burnt and just heated, the level of harmful chemicals is also lower as compared to conventional tobacco cigarettes.

Heated tobacco products are a good alternative to smoking cigarettes that just heat tobacco instead of burning it and are often flavoured too.


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