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Here are the ways to quickly activate and reprogram your subconscious mind

For several years, several researchers have been dedicated to understanding how the creation of habits among human beings works. In the midst of so many studies on these behavior patterns, they arrived at mental reprogramming 21 days. So, if you want to change something in your life, keep following it and learn how to replace bad attitudes with others that are positive and contribute to your happiness and success.

The steps of mental reprogramming

Check below how to carry out a mental reprogramming and transform habits. Practicing positive thinking for achieving something is known as affirmations definition. It is a new generation terminology. However, if you want to carry out this process with follow-up and the certainty of obtaining the desired results, it is advisable to look for a professional specifically.

Identify the habits you want to transform

The first step to make any kind of change in your life is to analyze your current state. In this sense, try to look at yourself and reflect on the habits you currently have. Do you want to eat better and adopt a healthier lifestyle? Do you want to improve your self- esteem? You have to accept yourself first and then transform.

Register the desired changes

Once you have identified the habits you want to change, it is important to record them, making a kind of reminder so you always stay on track. Choose the form that is best for you, which can be a sheet of paper or an application on your cell phone, the important thing is that it is an easily accessible place. If you want to transform more than one behavior, organize them in order of priority.

Visualize yourself performing the new habit

The visualization exercise is a great ally when you want to achieve some goal. To do it, just choose a quiet place, close your eyes and imagine yourself experiencing the result of your efforts. If you want to be healthier, imagine playing sports, eating right and happy with it all.

Select the information you will consume well

The subconscious mind is constantly working to capture information. That way, everything you experience in your daily life is somehow influencing you. For this reason, it is essential that you start to select the data you consume, including friendships, TV shows and even the people you follow on social networks.

Make positive affirmations

Like the visualization exercise, as positive affirmations are extremely powerful when you want to accomplish something. It consists of repeating phrases to yourself several times during the day, so that your goal sticks in your mind. It is worth remembering that these statements must be in the present and never in the future, as the intention is for things to happen in the now.

If you fail, start over

Of course, anyone starts a new project in order to achieve his or her goal. However, we know that sometimes-unforeseen events can happen. In that case, prevent these obstacles from stopping you, if you fall, get up and continue where you left off, simple as that. Avoid feeling like a failure or feeling as if you are back to square one, as this is not true.





Maintain consistency in previous steps

It is necessary to be consistent in all the previous steps and follow them to the letter every day. For this, you can use notes written to yourself, alarms on your cell phone, apps, email notices or whatever you prefer, and the important thing is not to let comfort take over your mind. Repetition is the mother of learning, the father of action, and the architect of achievement. So make the effort and keep going until you realize that your actions have become part of who you are.


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