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How To Smoke Moon Rocks: Discover the Facts

Moon Rocks may be just what you need. This cannabis product combines high-grade buds with hash oil and kief to create a powerful experience. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Moon Rocks, from how they’re made to the best way to smoke them for maximum effects.

Smoking Moon Rocks

To smoke Moon Rocks, a glass pipe is your best option. The high lasts for hours and affects both your body and mind. Here are the items you will need:

  • Moon Rocks
  • Regular flower
  • Razor blades or scissors
  • Lighter
  • Glass pieces such as bongs, bubblers, or pipes

Cut Up Your Moon Rock

To avoid making a mess or clogging your grinder, it’s best not to put Moon Rocks in it. Instead, use sharp scissors, a razor blade, or your fingers to break up the Moon Rocks into manageable chunks.

Pack Your Bowl

Pack a bowl with your favorite strain of weed in a glass piece, leaving some extra space at the top.

 Moon Rocks Are a Great Addition to Any Room.

After packing a bowl with your favorite strain of weed in a glass piece, leave some extra space at the top. Add a piece or two of your cut-up Moon Rocks on top of the bowl, and be sure to press it gently so that it sits securely.

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