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Important facts about De Quervain’s disease

The irritating inflammation of tendons in the wrist and lower thumb refers to de Quervain’s syndrome. You may experience pain in the lower portion of your arm and thumb due to the swollen tendons exerting pressure on the passage of a narrow tunnel. The condition may result from many different reasons like gaming and hobbies involving repetitive movement of the thumb. Some activities like a game or unfortunate accident can cause a sudden blow to the thumb leading to De Quervain’s disease [ข้อ มือ อักเสบ]. Existing inflammatory conditions like rheumatoid arthritis is another probable cause leading to the syndrome. The doctor’s treatment depends upon the severity of the symptom. In most cases, non-surgical treatment is enough for curing the condition.

Symptoms and diagnosis

Excessive pain throughout the back of your thumb is the primary symptom of Quervain’s condition. There may be inflammation and ache in the base of the thumb and side of the wrist. You may find the pain moving into your thumb up to the forearm either suddenly or gradually. Movement of thumb while pinching or grasping things may seem very painful and difficult. Doctors generally use the Finkelstein test to diagnose the disease. It’s a specific thumb and finger movement across your palm that involves stretching of tendons. If it results in pain on the thumb side of the wrist, then it’s Quervain’s tenosynovitis. 

Scope of treatment

The objective of the treatment is to reduce the pain of the thumb and prevent any chances of relapse. The inflammation tends to slow down if you put ice over the thumb. Medication involves over the counter pain killers or steroid injections. Wearing a splint throughout the day for four to six weeks helps hold your wrist and thumb in a firm position. Physical therapies, including exercises to improve wrist, hand, and arm strength, can help counter the condition. A daycare surgery involving the operation of the tendon sheath is only necessary if the medicines and physiotherapy don’t give desired results.         



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