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Midtown Barbershop clay for styling

Clay for styling is a texturing agent with a matting effect.

The main ingredient of such products is really clay: for example, red moroccan or gassul one – it absorbs grease and dirt well.

Scientists have found that in terms of its cleansing properties, clay is comparable to the co-washing procedure and successfully flushes a significant part of the dirt! Of course, a completely clay for styling will not replace a shampoo, but will not make your hair dirty.

In addition, clay contains useful minerals, in particular calcium and magnesium.

Remember that men’s scalp is naturally greasy, so that the next day after clay styling it is necessary to thoroughly wash the product from the hair before bedtime.

Fix any shape of the Manhattan hairstyle, make the hair more voluminous and emphasize the hair texture  – all this will help you to do step-by-step instructions on the use of clay for hair styling:

  • Take a small amount of pea-sized clay. No longer needed – an excess of clay will make strands heavier and make them greasy;
  • Rub the clay in your hands – the product should take body temperature and become as plastic as possible;
  • Spread the product in a thin layer on the palms and apply it on the hair;
  • To create unusual shapes, you can apply clay over the entire length of the hair from roots to ends, and if you want to give volume, concentrate on the root zone;
  • Then form the final shape of the hairstyle.

Clay-based styling products can also be used for medium-length hair. However, in this case, it is better to apply clay only to the root zone – this will avoid excessive greasy strands.

And one more tip: for medium-length hair it’s better to use wetter clay products – they have a less oily texture and are better distributed over the hair, but dense products with a matting effect are suitable for short hairstyles.


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