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Surprising facts About thermage That Everyone Should Know 

Every woman loves to look beautiful, and none of you want to age. While you cannot stop your body from aging, you can definitely control the way your skin will look while aging. With science, it is possible to do so through various beautification processes. Among various procedures, some procedures have become very popular. The acceptance of the technology is as much true as the rise in misconceptions about the process. You should know a few facts that will help you make a well-informed decision.

Fact: Surgery is not always necessary for skin tightening

Many of you still believe that only a surgical process can restore tight-looking skin. But you don’t know about the advanced technology that has been the reason for skin tightening without surgery. When you undergo thermageyou are actually using the radioactive pulses to stimulate the collagen production in your body. Instead of performing any invasive procedure, this system is all about stimulating your own body to do what it stops doing after a certain age. That is why there is no need for worrying about side effects or complications in the recovery period.

Fact: The process does not melt fact

If you are planning to undergo the treatment thinking that it will reduce the facial fat significantly, you are wrong. Elimination of fat is not possible through this procedure. Te skin tightening action will definitely bring about a change in the facial contour. And this creates an illusion that the face is looking slim. If an experienced professional is performing the process, then there will be no scope for fat melting. The wrinkles will minimize, and so will the sagging skin. But there will be no change in the fat deposition.



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