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Turn To The Podiatrist When You Injure Your Foot

The foot is one of the most complex body parts. It is contained with a lot and little bones, exactly 26 little bones and two bigger ones. The set of muscles, tendons and joints are enabling all the complex movements for the foot, such as standing, running, jumping and others.

When it comes to foot problems the podiatry is what you need. It is a branch of medicine that studies lower limbs, feet and problems that may appear on these parts.

Foot injuries

The pain is the first sign when it comes to foot injuries. For most injuries, you are aware of the problem right away. Others can appear due to long incorrect positions of the feet, incorrect walking, running or some other conditions inside of the foot. In these cases, it’s necessary to determinate what is an exact cause and the Sydney leading podiatry like ModPod Podiatry is the great place to do it.

Your podiatrist will determinate the right treatment for you

Sometimes, it is good to take notes of the symptoms and to distinguish what came before the problem, because it can lead to the cause.

Midfoot injury

This area is also known as the Lisfrank area, so you can hear some doctors say that you have Lisfrank injury. It is a middle foot injury. This area is made of small bones that can be broken or fractured. Also, a tendon can be inflamed or torn. So, the symptoms will be pain, redness, bruising on the top of your foot.

This area can be injured by external factors, such as heavy objects that lands on the foot, or if you step on something inconvenient. The injury often occurs if you fall with foot flexed downward when your bones can be fractured and tendons stretched. If the injury is severe it may require surgery.

Fracture of the fifth metatarsal bone

The most common is the fracture of the long bone that connects the little toe to the middle of the foot, called the fifth metatarsal.  Alongside this fracture is the strong pain on the outside of the top of the foot. Using RICE and not standing on that foot is necessary right after the injury.

In some cases, the additional care is necessary such as boot, a cast or crutches. If the injury is serious, surgery will be required. That happens when there are multiple breaks in this bone or other areas of the foot when the metatarsal is displaced or the fracture is not healing as expected.

Injuries will be treated correctly alongside the podiatrist

Make sure to find a good specialist when it comes to diagnosis and treatment. Specialists at podiatrist Sydney CBD from ModPod Podiatry are here to make sure that your foot is in the right hands.

Final word

As for all injuries in of the body, foot injuries are also significant and must be taken seriously. While some whacks can pass with the help of cold compress, others need the right treatment or surgery.


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