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Vanilla Essential Oil VS Vanilla Extract- What Is The Difference? 

Vanilla essential oil is a common term among all other essential oils in use. But did you know that Vanilla essential oil is not really an essential oil? This is because Vanilla essential oil has a different process of extraction from all other essential oils. Also, Vanilla beans are dependent on a specific form of solvent to generate their aromatic compounds. That is why they cannot fall under the category of essential oils. However, the functions and vanilla essential oil benefits are similar to other essential oils. Similarly, it possesses the ability to provide natural benefits with no side effects for a hands-on experience. 

Vanilla essential oils are quite aromatic and flavourful. However, a lot of people also tend to get confused between what could be Vanilla essential oil vs. Vanilla extract. In this article, we will help you clarify your doubts regarding both. We will further discuss Vanilla essential oil for skin for your comprehensive reference. 

The Vanilla Bean Saga 

Vanilla is a prime part of the Orchid family. It evolves as a vine which in turn gives rise to Vanilla beans. These beans are like long-stringy seed pods. The Flat-leaved Vanilla is the primary Vanilla flavoring of the hundreds of Vanilla species among the Vanilla genus. 

The aromatic flavor of Vanilla is possible due to the bean pod or the fruit that it is procured from. It all begins when the pod is almost Greenish-yellow in color. At this point, it is an Orchid blossom. As such, each blossom is supposed to produce a single bean. In order to cultivate fruit, it is imperative that the blossom is pollinated after it opens for a couple of hours. 

Once the process of pollination is over, it takes nearly six weeks for the beans to come to their ultimate size. Eventually, it matures within a span of nine months. The beans are all hand-picked and include several tiny seeds. This process occurs while the seeds are still Green in color. After this, the seeds have to go through a curing process. During this time, all the beans are brought to be exposed to the Sun during the daytime. After this, they are wrapped in a blanket and made to sweat all night. When this happens, all the beans tend to shrink, and their flavors improve. 

Vanilla Essential Oil VS Vanilla Extract 

Whether you use Vanilla for your hair or skin, it is essential to understand the difference between Vanilla essential oil and Vanilla extract. Naturally, both of them are different from each other and may end up providing different results too. 

1. Vanilla Essential Oil 

Like any other plant, Vanilla also has a plethora of oils with diverse medicinal benefits. Although the generic rule of essential oil is that they are extracted via a process of steam distillation, Vanilla stands out from this. Vanilla essential oils have an entirely different extraction process wherein the process either involves Carbon Dioxide or solvent extraction. This yields a result wherein the Vanilla oil turns out to be very powerful and concentrated. 

That is why this essential oil is so vividly used everywhere around us. From our health to home fresheners, Vanilla essential oil could serve many purposes together. It could also help be used as a perfume in so many ways. More importantly, it can help boost your mental health and considerably reduce signs of depression and anxiety. However, it is best to use it with a carrier oil side-by-side to mitigate any allergic reaction in need. 

2. Vanilla Extract 

Vanilla extract is what you can easily find in local food stores. This is the type of product that helps add flavor to your food and beverages. It may be used in diverse cakes, ice creams, and much more. Its amazing aroma further helps improve the flavors and add to your taste buds. This generally comes in the form of a tincture, and you can also make it at home easily. 

So unlike the essential oil, where you may only derive the benefits of the Vanilla oil, Vanilla extract also exposes you to certain nutrients like minerals and Vitamins. These are directly obtained from the Vanilla pod. As such, the extract cannot be used as you would use an essential oil and vice versa. Also, Vanilla extracts can be used at a much higher dosage and may provide more longevity than its essential oil. 

Also, it can be fairly easy to make Vanilla extract at home. However, you cannot expect to prepare Vanilla essential oil in the same way. Vanilla extract may also include other plant elements that might not be beneficial if you use it as an essential oil. Apart from this, the level of volatile oil present, in this case, is also quite low. So, you might not wish to consider mixing both. This is why it is believed that Vanilla extract can be quite helpful in terms of baking. However, it might not be as potent in terms of personal care.

Should You Purchase Vanilla Essential Oils?

Yes. Vanilla essential oils can be highly beneficial for your health. Whether you are looking to improve your mental health, boost your mood, or foster better skin hydration, the oil can come to your rescue on time. You could also use them in your diffusers for a great session of Aromatherapy. The oil also includes anti-bacterial, anti-cancer, and anti-inflammatory properties that will only improve your chances of enjoying better health and recovering from any health problem at the earliest. That is why we recommend using Vanilla essential oils without any second thought. 

However, it is best to speak to a healthcare provider before you solely rely on these essential oils for your health improvement. This will help make sure that there is no complication in your health due to using these oils. Although these essential oils are natural and have no side effects, it is best to avoid any hindrance that might occur.