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What is the difference between chemotherapy and immunotherapy?

With recent developments and advanced technology, medical science is discovering new methods to cure various diseases.

  • When hazardous ailment such as cancer is concerned, there are not many options available.
  • The most opted treatment for curing cancer is chemotherapy, but in recent years we have seen a shift of choice in the treatment options.
  • Immunotherapy is becoming the alternative for patients suffering from cancerous tumors.

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People are socially active these days and find information about the different methods oncologists use to treat diseases.

It is leading the transfer of choice in patients from chemotherapy to immunotherapy. To spread awareness and educate people on both treatments, we can compare the two to find out which one will work better for different people.

Many questions arise in the mind of the people, such as;

  • Can we compare immunotherapy to chemotherapy?
  • What are the prominent differences between chemotherapy and immunotherapy treatments?
  • Which one should I choose, immunotherapy vs. chemotherapy?
  • Does a different kind of cancer need other medications, or are they all the same and can be treated similarly?

To answer all these essential questions prompted in patients’ heads, you must know the basic meaning of these treatments and what exactly oncologists perform.

Besides moving with self-conclusion, you must always take the suggestion and help from an expert or a specialist and then finalize your decision.

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What Exactly is Immunotherapy?

  • The treatment of immunotherapy requires the patient’s own immune system to help them fight and destroy the cancer cells.
  • In cancer immunotherapy, the body’s immune system works as a harness to fight the abnormalities occurring in the body.
  • Mother nature has endowed us with a powerful body, the body has all the required elements for proper functioning, and if any irregularities arise, it has the power to eliminate them by recognizing, targeting, and fighting those cells.
  • The medications provided in immunotherapy can be provided to the patients in two ways: first, as a single drug; second, by mixing it with some other medicines and then injecting into the cancer patients.
  • There are many proven results of effective immunotherapy in recent cases in people. Thus, making it a popular choice of treatment for people.

What Exactly is Chemotherapy?

  • Chemotherapy is a cancer treatment that has been used to treat various kinds of tumors in people since the early 1940s.
  • Chemotherapy, often quoted as “Chemo,” majorly deals with providing medicines and drugs that kill abnormal cells developed in the body.
  • They kill the tumor cells directly without causing any disturbance to the regular cells of the body.
  • Like immunotherapy, chemotherapy treatment can be provided as a single medicine or combined with other drugs depending upon the type, stage, and cause of cancer.
  • Chemo can also be joined with other treatments such as radiation therapy and surgeries.

What is the considerable difference between Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy?

The main distinction between both therapies is that in immunotherapy, the cancer cells are eliminated by the patient’s own immune system, working together with the medicines to support the process. In chemotherapy, the medication comprises the drugs that directly kill the cancer cells. The immunotherapy treatment helps the body to boost its immune system and understand how to recognize these cells and kill them.

Which one is more Effective, Chemotherapy vs. Immunotherapy?

The response to this question only has a clear, straightforward answer. It wholly depends on the patient’s choice, the kind of cancer, the stage they are suffering from, and the body’s response to the treatment.

It has been seen in some patients that cancer immunotherapy may perform more acceptable than chemotherapy.

Various influencing elements confine the effectiveness of distinct treatment methods, such as cancer type, stage, and patient health. Oncologists generally prescribe a multimodal therapy strategy.

For illustration, when a person suffers from malignant pleural mesothelioma, which is a highly assertive type of cancer with a lower life expectancy.

The decision is made looking at the patient’s condition, and the treatment may incorporate surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy.

Many clinics are working to guide you better with the choices; you must take expert advice before reaching any conclusion.

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