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What is thread lift And What Is the Primary Advantage

Facelift surgeries had been the only way to address the problems occurring due to facial skin laxity until recently. Many people have been availing of dermal filler treatments as a non-invasive procedure for restoring the youthful look. But if you don’t feel comfortable undergoing either of the above two ways, then a third way is now open for you in the form of a thread lift. Now the next obvious question is, What is thread lift [ร้อย ไหม คือ, which is the term in Thai]? 

More about the procedure

The thread lift is a procedure where the professional will make temporary sutures to produce a subtle but visible “lift” to your skin. In simple words, the cosmetic surgeon is going to avoid the removal of the loose facial skin surgically and suspend the loose skin instead of stitching up certain loose portions. This will pull back the skin slightly and cause tightening and lifting automatically. 

Stimulating innate response

When you ask What is thread liftyou will also come to know that the process is unique in the way it stimulates the natural response of the body. When certain areas of the facia skin receive the treatment, it is a way to provoke the natural healing response of your body that will trigger the production of huge quantities of collagen at the treated area. Now, this is important when you want to prevent the signs of aging, as lack of collagen is one of the primary reasons for the development of signs of aging. 

Fast recovery time

If you undergo facelift surgery, you will get a high sedative dosage, and the recovery time will be significant. However, if you are undergoing the thread lift process, the recovery time will be minimum. Local anesthesia is enough for the procedure, and a day of rest is sufficient to restore the healthy form. 


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